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actual screenshot from Fart 3D pc game

Imagine a world in which a fart is your only weapon, and you'll be able to see yourself on Poot, the absolute armpit of the Western Rim of the Galaxy Milky Way.

You must fight your way through a horrific maze filled with dozens of incredible full-animation monsters, secret passages, dens and treasure vaults, invisibility potions and a variety of magical weapons, and more...

Dozens of extras, including SECRET LEVELS and POWERUPS. You can use dozens of different fart weapons and a variety of burpers, too, some of which have the explosive force of a rocket launcher!

You will be amazed and astonished at the dungeon monsters and the ACTION, yet the LEVEL OF VIOLENCE is ZERO! Why? Because the only weapons allowed in this world are FARTS and BURPS, that's why!

Of course you get 8 incredible E.J. Gold levels written by the Master Maze-Maker himself. The monsters are by Disney/Pink Panther animator LIN LARSEN and Jurassic Park's TIM ELSTON.

You'll hear some incredible XXAXX SOUNDBYTES and see some almost unbeatable XXAXX FX!

You can use levels as gaming levels or as chatrooms, and CTF levels are INCLUDED!!!

Built on the fabulous new GODD(tm) *FOGGER* Engine, this game has it all -- instantaneous online action, multiplayer game locator, game server and more!!!

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